Chairman's Words

At MIDDAY LIVE, we pursue truth and report it with unflinching commitment. We do the correct things, in the correct manner, and for the correct reasons. Our core values have helped us become amongst the most popular, sustainable, successful, and responsible digital media news companies on the globe. Strong work ethics is one of our main core values, guiding our decisions and actions and constantly reminding us what we stand for and believe in. It also influences how we function.

Strong work ethics ensure our journalists work honestly and with integrity. It also ensures we maintain transparency in our actions and decisions. Strong work ethics helps build an engaging, safe, and rewarding workplace that influences positively the kind of relationship we have with our audiences, our peers, our superiors, our customers, our shareowners, our suppliers, and our communities.

We are committed to operating with integrity and ethics and following the letter of the law. Each employee of ours knows that his or her actions, whether negative or positive, influence the company’s reputation and culture. For this reason, every employee at MIDDAY LIVE follows a strong work ethic and takes pride in their work.  Every employee understands the importance of doing the right things in the right manner and upholding the team spirit all the time.

We at MIDDAY LIVE encourage our employees to speak up when they see some wrongdoing. It is our utmost belief that a healthy work atmosphere can only be created if employees feel that they can voice their concerns without worry or fear.

We follow a strong code of conduct, a yardstick against which we all measure our conduct. A strong code of conduct, besides laying the foundation of strong work culture, also ensures that we are able to successfully overcome any ethical challenges that come our way. It also promotes a work culture where employees feel confident that if they raise a genuine concern, they will be listened to and their concern will be properly addressed.

Our team understands the importance of ethical journalism. We strive to present the facts and their backstories with the utmost integrity to our global audience so that they feel not only informed but also empowered.

Harry – Hemant Kaushik

Chairman & CEO


(A Digital Media Brand owned by USA TV NEWS Corp)