DIGENE awarded as India’s Most Trusted Antacid Brand 2021 by International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA


(Anil Joseph, Managing Director, Abbott India Limited)

The rapid evolution of the always-connected world in the recent past has given rise to a whole new direction for businesses and industry across borders. In the past months, healthcare in India has been shaped by a few trends such as the increasing popularity of telemedicine via remote consultations or the rise in digital usage. Consumer behaviour has had a paradigm shift due to the increasingly entrenched smartphone and online culture, which has been fueled even more by the pandemic. The magnitude of this global health crisis has led people to become more conscious about their lifestyle globally and certainly in India as well. Overall, people are better informed than ever before and have begun to make more informed decisions to choose what they perceive to be best for their health. For example, we have seen a rising preference for some of our consumer brands such as Digene, Cremaffin and Brufen Power Spray, which are backed by robust clinical studies.

Digene is one of our most trusted products in India, and has been available in the country for nearly 90 years. It is the most prescribed antacid among doctors. Abbott has been spearheading a countrywide educational initiative to help people gain a holistic understanding of acidity as a condition, and of its common triggers, which encompass broad lifestyle factors, going beyond dietary considerations. Consumers are realizing that apart from what they eat, the way they live their lives could also trigger incidences of acidity. Research shows that with today’s erratic and hectic lifestyles, acidity could be triggered by not eating on time, lack of sleep, caffeinated drinks, lack of exercise and even stress.

Scientific superiority and validation are the core pillars that form the base for Digene’s positioning. The unique formulation delivers instant and superior acidity relief. It is also the only antacid brand in India that is available in three formats, liquid, powder, and tablet. Last year, Abbott expanded the digital footprint of Digene by launching a campaign that helped highlight the scientific heritage of Digene. The product has continuously expanded its digital footprint and is consistently using e-pharmacies as a key enabler to drive better access, even in remote areas. Abbott’s vision for the product is to expand on this rich legacy and expertise over time. This includes a pipeline of innovative offerings and formats to drive even better convenience or targeted efficacy in the stomach health segment.

Based on our research, the future of Indian healthcare will be driven by four consumer-centric trends that are on a surge. These trends are patient-centric transformation, consumerization or going beyond better health outcomes, digitalization to broaden access and, lastly, consumer expectation to hear from brands in more than one medium (point of purchase, clinics, television, online, etc.). We continuously adapt to these trends as we continue working to make more medicines available to more people, to help them live healthier lives. Being awarded India’s Most Trusted Brand is not just an honour, but also a constant motivation for us to keep improving our products and solutions, putting the consumer first at all times.

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